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Bonusbang is a Multimedia Social Network (MSN). A singole platform, for 5 different and closely linked services. • Social Network (comparable to Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Linkedin) • Social Couponing ( comparable to Groupon, Groupalia, Letsbonus) • Virtual Monetics ( comparable to Bitcoin, Amazon coin, Litecoin, Ripple, swiss Wir) • Online Ads ( comparable to eBay, Subito. it) • Multimedia Channelling ( comparable to You Tube) Brands, logos, company names mentioned inside this website still belong to their respective owners and are protected by current regolations for brands, intellectual ownership and/or copyright (Directive 2004/48/CE,Law 633/22-04-1941, Dlgs 30/2005)
Joining our Virtual Monetics network, Bonusbang users will benefit from a higher purchasing power for their expenses, both online and through affiliate business companies. Also, Bonusbang introduces the concept of virtual citizenship for all users. It will allow them to receive a “ Citizenship Reward” calculated on the amount of time spent connected to the Bonusbang network and on the number or type of transaction. Moreover, exchanges between Bonusbang “ citizens” will not only be possible through shop agreements, but also among users not owning a business. They will be able to benefit - for the income as a whole or as percentage summed to their national currency- from Bonusbang ( BB Coin) Virtual Monetics system to pay their transactions. With Bonusbang innovative solutions, you will be able to increase your profit and loyalize your customers.
Bonusbang introduces plenty of new solutions to make the Social Media world easy, innovative and interactive. You will own a tool able to generate economical and social benefits for everyone, both for online and traditional transactions. The Virtual Monetics BB Coins allows you to pay for whatever you wish to purchase. Seller can freely choose, for each product, the BB Coins amount to accept as payment; it can vary from the whole sum total (100 %) to a 1% minimum. it’s legal, and totally respects the current regulations. Thanks to the BB Coins system you can buy more spending much less real money; in some cases, you will be able to carry out your whole transfer by Bonusbang BB Coins only.
BB Coins don’t have an expiration date. You will be always able to use them in Bonusbang affiliate business and services. Signing up is for free. No fees, hidden costs or obligations. After your subscription and Bonusbang account activation you will receive 50 BB Coins, completely free of charge.
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